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East Anglia School of Acting

Term Pass - Woodbridge

Thanks for joining us!

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Term dates

Weekly 11th of January - 29th March inclusive

No class Feb 8th (half term)

11 classes in total this term

Class delivered at the Abbey School Hall

Cumberland Street.

Do you fancy being an ambassador?

At East Anglia School of Acting we know that parents talk to each other about the activities that their children are attending. Your recommendation is more effective for us than any other form of marketing so we would like to reward you for it.

If your child is attending one of our classes, you tell a friend about it, and they then go ahead and sign their child up to join we will give you 10% off your next term pass. Not only that, If more than 1 person signs up due to your recommendation we will combine all of your referrals up to 100% off so your child can attend free next term!

Example: You tell 4 friends & they all sign up. We send you a voucher for 40% off your next term pass!

Obviously, we need to keep track of who is recommending us to make sure discounts go to the correct people, so if you want to be an ambassador for us just get in touch and we'll send you a personal link. When your friends sign up using this link we’ll know it was down to you and credit you with a voucher at the end of term!